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The Church of Higher Knowledge
Find all your need to know information here. Rules, Regulations, even Questions and Answers! If you don't know something this is the place you go.
Subforums: Classes,Combat, And Magic!, History, Geography and Rules, Questions and Answers, Species and Bestiary, Staff Application

24 103 Jun 17 2014, 10:39 PM
In: Bestiary of Tel Anar
By: Chibiman007
Character applications and creation guidelines are stored within. Please post your application in this forum. Upon acceptance, your character's profile will be moved by a staff member to the forum below.
Subforums: Adoptable Characters, Auditions, Character Modifications, In Play

45 66 Nov 30 2014, 06:53 PM
In: Kima Wind
By: Chibiman007
Adventurer's Institute
Post your quests here and have other players take them up!

4 7 Sep 15 2013, 05:53 PM
In: Quest: Vampire Trouble
By: dransnake
The Pub
All your OOC discussions go here!
Subforums: The Stadium, Thread and Relationship Trackers, Leave of Absence

11 16 Mar 28 2015, 09:31 PM
In: The resolution to a lengthy...
By: Yokodera
The Market Place
Are you an Artisan? Perhaps a Writer? Show your works here, and revel in the glory that comes from bragging rights.
1 7 May 31 2013, 04:47 PM
In: The Official Tel Anar Art G...
By: JM95
Town Hall
Advertisements for other sites here! Guest friendly!
Please keep your Advertisement PG-13 even if your sites not!

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55 1,165 Mar 6 2014, 11:12 PM
In: Dungeons, Dragons, and the ...
By: Twisted Visions

Tel Anar
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The Country of Elon is the Human country, with rolling plains and soft soil ideal for farms. This location is in the only true clearing of the Elven forest. Many villages span around the area with the capital city of Frieden being a shining beacon of hope in the otherwise dingy lives of the average farmers and labourers that inhabit Elon.
Subforums: Frieden, Hafen

1 12 Dec 3 2014, 09:47 PM
In: A Rose's Lament
By: Mekachi
Tumma Eeva
Also known as the Dark Forest, this is the home of Dark Elves, Spidren, and Vampires. Often called evil and sinister by those who know little about it, the species who live in Tumma Eeva consider it a safe haven from the judgement of the outside world.
Subforums: Sange Camin - Vampire Manor, Whispering Cave, The Dark Elf Encampment, The Fairy Hive

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The Elvish Woods
These woods have large redwood trees that stand hundreds of feet tall, yet no one seems to care for them; they merely sprout up on their own. This land is known for housing the Wood Elves of the Eladari, also home to the Assassin's guild and various small tree top villages of the non-Elven races.
Subforums: The Eladari

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Vuori Mountains
This mountain range is home to the Dwarven capital and many well loved snowy inns, however, the long path up the mountain is considered treacherous for non-Dwarven races. There is an alternate path which the Wood Elves like to take on occasion, but finding this road without assistance is nearly as foolhardy as taking the Dwarven pathway.
Subforums: Vuori Kruunu

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The Badlands
The Badlands are places few dare enter. It is home to the Orc, Goblin, and Troll alliance and very little else. The Badlands are considered tainted and evil by many races, especially the Wood Elves, as no plant life can grow in this barren wasteland.
Subforums: The Stronghold

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The Everplains
Rolling plains and towering plateaus await you in the Everplains. Horses roam free as do many other prairie animals, though it is more well known for being the home of the nomadic Centaurs. Despite the close proximity to the Orc stronghold, this equestrian race is usually left in peace, with a token attempt at colonisation by the Humans being the only real threat this region has ever faced.
Subforums: Littlehoof Village

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The Undarian Mountains
This mountain range, sitting just west of the Elvish Woods, holds the second Dwarven city, using the mountain's rich metal deposits to build weapons and other export goods. Many famed inns lay around the base of the mountains, often filled with Dwarven workers who come to drink, eat and relax, though fans of strong liquor from other races have been known to pop in on occasion.
Subforums: Undarhammar

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Kylmä Talvi
The High Elf kingdom. Not truly a kingdom at all, Kylmä Talvi is actually one massive city built into the side of a large peninsula. Often those who travel here who are not of High Elf blood are treated poorly, usually left to fester in the 'Midi' district while the High Elves enjoy themselves in 'Utopia'.
Subforums: The Palace

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The Forgottens
The Forgottens are a set of frozen tundras, glaciers in other words. But what could be hiding beneath that ice? What secrets of the past could be hidden in their frozen depths? Only the bravest or stupidest travellers come here, as the chance of reward is high, but the chance of death is ever higher.
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The Beach
The sun is shining, the birds are singing...a wonderful day all around! The Beach is a mysterious location in Tel Anar that all characters may come to (as long as they're not dead), existing in some kind of quasi-canon state. This is a place for having fun with your characters in a non-serious setting, so don't worry about things carrying over, just let loose and have a blast!
1 0 May 7 2013, 01:44 PM
In: Rules of The Beach
By: Soulwithlife

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The Helvetti isles
The (in)famous home of the Dragons. A collection of large islands hidden behind deep fog, outsiders always require a map to navigate to this strange landmass. A large crystal city sits on each island, the largest being the capital, Pýcha.
Subforums: Lux, Ogień, Blesk, Gelum, Datura, Pýcha

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Ra'tonalu Island
Ra'tonalu Island is a jungle Island, covered in tall exotic trees and Lifeforms. This island is also the home of the creatures known as the Ra'talahai.
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