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 Quest Post Guidelines
Dungeon Master
 Posted: Apr 30 2013, 07:44 PM

Quests are single thread mini events with rewards for solving tasks. These rewards can be simple like gold coins, or as trivial as a large weapon or enchantment. Please note all quest rewards must be accepted by an admin if it is questionable.

Quests will be played in a very tabletop style battle system. If a fight breaks out, attacks will be rolled by dice and the Quest Master (the Dungeon Master of the quest) will see if attacks happen here and there.

The combat system could be as simple as outrolling the other in a saving throw to defend or attack, or as complicated as DND. It all depends on the player.

To submit a quest use the following template:

Name of Quest Thread:
Location: (Where the Quest takes Place)
Number of Party Members Allowed:
Restrictions: ( Such as Melee Only, Magic Only) (Optional)
Objective: (What the Adventurers must do to beat the quest)
Description: (Add some Story Depth to your Quest.) (Optional)
Reward: (Must be Approved)
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