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 Kima Wind
 Posted: Nov 30 2014, 06:52 PM
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Genderfluid (shifts between he/him, they/their, and occasionally she/her)


A young, goat-like centaur with a deep grayish-blue coat that appears a more vivid blue in certain lighting and bright red eyes. Wears pieces of leather armor held on by bandages, along with slightly sequined fingerless gloves and a reddish-brown bandanna; the prettiest "clothing" he has is his large, golden earrings. His hair is the same color as his coat, if a more obvious blue tint near the roots. Their skin is a very dark color, with slightly lighter freckles along their face and shoulders. His horns are slightly short and pointed backwards.


Just a kid who loves adventure and lives for freedom. Running wherever the wind takes him, Kima values almost nothing more than he does his freedom. The only thing he really considers more important is his friends, however few they might be. While he's rather quick to make acquaintances, he considers friends very different; honestly, it often seems as though they've blurred the concepts of friendship and romance together into one idea. Although Kima enjoys adventure, especially exploring and occasionally fighting against mindless monsters, he's quickly upset by conflicts between other people. Generally, he tries to force everyone to compromise to get them to stop shouting and end the conflict as soon as possible so that they can all go back to their fun adventures and forget about the whole fight. Kima tends to be rather loud and spirited, sometimes venturing into foolishness.


Kima was raised on the borders of a wide, sprawling plain and a vast, tangled forest; his parents (all six of them) were rather young and free-spirited, and never particularly minded him going on adventures around their home (to a certain extent), not only allowing his love of exploration to flourish but instilling him with the idea that life should be approached as his parents did- with a unhidered, youthful spirit. When his family took in the Halfling child Marina, he jumped at the idea of having a sister, and was always happy taking her along with his adventures. The two, despite their different (sometimes very opposing) personalities, got along well. Even after their parents disappeared, the two stuck together, and if anything became even closer. Their explorations became more far-reaching, until eventually they reached the next town and never went back home. While they do hope to return someday, they're more than content living on the road and going wherever the wind takes them.


Kima has a vaugely effective leather armor that really seems more aesthetic than anything. They always have camping supplies with them, including blankets, pillows, tarps in case of rain, and enough cooking supplies to make a fair meal for two- he alternates carrying this with Marina. While he isn't as inclined to use a weapon as Marina is, he does have a customized weapon called the Whirlwind that Marina made for him, based on the design of the Gevalts combined with a pinwheel. The device uses a Teho Gem to convert Kima's natural wind-based magic into a powerful whirlwind so long as he can hold a continuous breath, which can be used for various applications including stunning enemies and knocking things over- often directly into the range of Marina's weapon. Kima normally tries to keep about three Teho Gems on hand when adventuring, and each has about ten shots when used with his Whirlwind.


Kima takes pride in their speed and agility, sometimes bragging that they're "faster than the wind"... Although that has yet to be proven, and is probably just an exaggeration. Regardless, she is rather fast, and she can easily run circles around most opponents, which is rather good for evasion and confusion. Kima doesn't know any real spells, but she has very strong magical potential with wind-based magic; normally she expresses this through her Whirlwind, but she can also sometimes use some simple Air Manipulation. Both of these uses require her to use her own breath as a conduit, however- it's not really clear why, though it might be some sort of mental block. Kima is pretty good at finding hidden places wherever she's exploring, and seems to have a talent for finding exits, something that might also be related to her wind affinity... though there isn't enough evidence there to prove it. He's hardly a slouch at defusing arguments, either, though it doesn't always work out.


Marina and Kima don't have much of a widespread reputation, but word can sometimes get around in whatever towns they've decided to stop in, depending on how long they stay there. Early impressions tend to focus on the odd sight of a Centaur traveling with a Halfling; afterwords, attention shifts more to their claims of being adventurers, despite the fact that both are at least three years away from being officially adults. Aside from scattered praise or scorn from the results of missions they might have taken, they have yet to gain much more notable reputation, and are still relatively unknown to new places that they visit.

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