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 Darvion Hammermash||Male|| Dwarf
Dungeon Master
 Posted: Nov 28 2014, 02:59 PM

Darvion Hammermash
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Darvion is a happy dwarf, most of the time. He loves to enjoy himself and drink to honor the Godess Luminara. While off duty he enjoys having the time of his life, and enjoys life! However on Duty he loses his fun self and becomes quite focused. You never know what nasty is going to bother him during his time on duty.


Darvion, affectionately refereed to as Dav by his friends, Is a Paladin. His father was a paladin, and his grandfather before that was a Paladin. So in term with the family buisiness he followed suit, and donned his family's Mythril armor and joined the ranks of paladin.His training was rough, as all Paladin training was. He was being trained to be the Protectors of the living, and luminara's worshippers after all! Despite this, and his being trained to kill, He still managed to keep himself fun and happy. He, along with his family, began a Brewery, named "Blessed Bottles". Strictly making Mead and Honey beer for the other paladins, and the Church. Well, that and himself. Either way Dav is a happy dwarf. One whom goes town to town, Adventuring, spreading the word of Luminara, and getting Hammered and Mashed at parties He starts with his Mead. Life is Good.


Mythril Battle Hammer
Mythril Paladin Armor
Fire Cloak
Mythril Throwing Daggers
Flask of Water
Flask of Mead


Brewing: Due to his Company Blessed Bottles, He learned how to Bew alchoholic Beverages.
Two-Handed Weapon Proficiency: Thanks to his training as a Paladin, he is well versed in two handed weapons and how to use them in a fight.
Mining: Being a Dwarf, mining comes Naturally
Paladin Spells: He is trained as a paladin, and as such he can use their spell types.


The thing Dav is best known for is his Blessed Bottles company. Other than that he's relatively unkown outside of the dwarven community.

Concept class


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