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 Quest: Vampire Trouble, Five open slots
 Posted: Sep 15 2013, 05:53 PM
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My name is Silver. Silver the werewolf. I need some help on some vampire problems. Those nasty blood-suckers are messing around town again! I've been hired to attack them, but I need some help! Are you up for it? If you are, post in this sign up sheet. It's small because the link will help me see if you are good enough to help this Ninja werewolf.

Place: lllyrien
Reward: 100 Gold, Vampire daggers X 2
Note: there is 10 Vampires we need to kill, or at least chase them away.

1. No swearing.
2. I'll control the vampires so there is less G-modding.
3. Only kill Vampires please.
4. No bunny-hopping((jumping from place to place without saying HOW. Teleporting counts as bunny-hopping))
5. No racism to the other players.
6. If your character is a vampire, you won't be accepted.
7. Slots are first come, first serve.

Character Name:
Character's link:

Who is in/slots left
1. Silver the ph34r.gif Werewolf - dransnake
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